De Panne - Paradise for kids

Plopsaland, simply the best theme park for children. Welcome to Plopsaland, a realm of dreams and fantasy of laughter and emotions! A truly marvellous world where a wonderful day for children and their parents is guaranteed! Plopsaland is a fairyland where adults can become children again. It is built around the popular television figures of Samson & Gert, Goblin Plop, Big & Betsy and Wizzy & Woppy.

Plopsaland is a world of emotion and sensation, where you can freely enjoy all the exciting attractions. The only risk involved is that of a permanent smile on your face. It is a world where even the youngest of children can be given a free rein, under the tender supervision of their mommies and daddies.

A harmonious world where everything - characters, decors, attractions, spectacles, restaurants and infrastructure - contributes to the typical Plopsaland atmosphere: a world where you can feel at home, safe and in a festive mood.